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From Our Clients

I began getting entrained by Dr. Kreinheder at the beginning of my third year of chiropractic school. I had never heard of Network Spinal Analysis before and was used to the traditional chiropractic adjustment. However after a couple weeks of getting treatments, I felt more alive, rejuvenated, and connected to myself and the world around me. The work that Dr. Kreinheder does with me continues to evolve as I do. I was so powerfully affected through my experiences with this work that I decided that I wanted to use this wonderful technique in my future office as a chiropractor. Dr. Krienheder is truly a gifted chiropractor and healer. He has an understanding of the spine, the nervous system and the individual, and he will meet you wherever you are on our journey to health.

Amanda Hessel, connected

At first the idea of receiving any type chiropractic care frightened me. I spent the first half hour of my first appointment driving in circles, half not finding the practice and half wondering if this was a great opportunity to chicken out of the whole experience. When i finally did arrive I felt immediately comforted by Dr. Matt's easy going and gentle nature. After running the initial scans it was apparent that my heart and nervous system were working harder than they needed to. I was immediately impressed by network and the use of gentle touch to relieve areas of tension in my body. I honestly cant remember ever feeling that relaxed from my neck to my feet. I was also pleasantly surprised by how peaceful i felt after my appointments. I cant say enough about network spinal analysis and Matt's brilliance and command over the human body. Many thanks!

Shauna Marr, Wellness Consultant

I have routinely received Network care from Dr. Kreinheder and am committed for life. Without knowing what to expect, I knew after my first session that Network provided a gateway into areas of wholeness, personal healing, and Self -knowing that I never knew existed. I am so grateful for having crossed paths with Dr. Kreinheder who has facilitated such a renewal of being for me! Most of us live day to day trying to survive, making our way through the stress and tension that have become the norm of our daily existence. I have been able to experience such a transformation that I invite you to join me in the exploration of what life can be, what joy, centeredness, and fulfillment feel like!!! Network has created a space for me and a state of being that I can turn to and call upon as a reference of my new normal?. Unwind Wellness Center can facilitate that for you as well.

Colleen Wright, raising the vibe

While I was in school doing simultaneous Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Acupuncture programs, remodeling a house and spending time to enrich my marriage, Network is what kept me going, maybe kept me alive. Getting entrained helped me to release stored tension in my nervous system and increase my resourcefulness so that I would be able to continue to respond to all of my commitments. I would always leave after an entrainment feeling as though I was more centered, in touch with my body and emotions and happy. This is why I want to share this wonderful work with all of you.

Dr. Matt Kreinheder, Why I love Network Spinal Analysis