Collar Stays, Gravity and Manifestation

Nudge, ok its falling. . . .what if it explodes? Oh no! it could explode all over the floor, oh no, oh no, oh no don’t explode!!

It exploded.

This is the play by play this morning as I nudge the box of my collar stays off of my dresser.  For those of you who don’t know, collar stays are those little plastic “sticks” that men put in their collars to keep them straight and not turned up at the tips

Aside: you can buy them at any men’s store or department store, if you don’t have any, spend the $6 to get some, those wrinkled turned up collar points look ridiculous. . . .  Anyway. . .

Is this blog post about fashion advice? Or how to explode your box of collar stays? No of course not.  What I want to draw your focus to is the process that occurred in my mind as these events were unfolding over the course of a second and a half.  For those of you who have read my blog before you recognize that I am a strong believer in the philosophy that what you think about most often you become, or more simply, the power of manifestation.  This is a simple and beautiful example of how that manifestation worked in real time.  Here is the instant replay with commentary and highlights.

The event – I knocked my collar stays off the dresser they are falling through the air.  At this point the outcome is indeterminate.  I have no idea what could happen.  They could all stay in the box (the box has a loose fitting cap) or they could fly out all over the place.

My perception – I instantly recognize that there are 2 likely outcomes (although really infinite outcomes but that’s for a later lesson).  Behind door #1 the top comes off and collar stays spray across the floor necessitating my need to stop what I’m doing and pick them up which would be inconvenient.  Behind door #2 the box hits the carpet and the top stays on and no big mess.

My emotion – this is the real key to the whole game.  I put my emotion (energy) into “no, don’t explode all over the floor” more appropriately “no no No NO don’t explode all over the floor!”

Outcome – The top popped off and collar stays exploded all over the floor.

Analysis – I perfectly manifested my outcome!  In retrospect I’m so proud, even though the outcome wasn’t what I wanted at the time.  What is cool is that the time line was so short (1.5 seconds) that I was able to see the entire process occur instantly.  So an impetus or new event + a desired outcome + emotion + diligent feeding of focus and energy = manifestation.
Ok, so I hear the questions somewhere out there in the 12th row.  “But you said that you didn’t want to pick up the collar stays, it was inconvenient”.  Great point!  It’s not what I wanted in my conscious mind but it was what I was telling the universe I wanted!  When I said “no don’t explode all over the floor” my emotion and energy was focused on the collar stays exploding all over the floor.  The universe doesn’t read affirmative/negative all it reads is what you are focusing on.  I got exactly what I told it I wanted.  So the big trick is to be conscious enough in each moment to give the universe the message you really want.  I’ve developed an ability to “watch” myself in the moment through the amazing Network Spinal Analysis care that I have received for the past 5 years and that I offer to my patients and also through my meditation practice.  NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) has shown in research to help you build more of an awareness of your body and your mind.  It neurologically trains you to become more aware of your everyday experience of your life.

Ok so all of that was a really cool experience. Here is what BLEW MY MIND!

I continued to get dressed and I went to reach for my belt that was also on top of my dresser and I knocked the box of collar stays off again! First of all, time to get a better place to put my collar stays I know.  As the box was falling I was aware of my mind moving in the same direction as the first time wanting to say “oh no!” but even louder than that voice was one that said “remember your lesson” so instead I just focused on seeing the box hit the floor and the top staying on and that’s exactly what it did.

My friends we are truly co-creators of our life experience.



  1. Erin 02/20/2012, 12:03 am Reply

    Really fun observation. Thanks for sharing!

    Reminds me of the Oracle in THE MATRIX when she says, “oh, and don’t worry about the vase…” and Neo turns quickly..saying, “what vase?” as he bumps into it and it crashes on the floor..fumbling he apologizes and the Oracle says something like..”I told you not to worry about it…. but what’s really gonna cook your noodle is would you have broken it had I not said anything…”

    I agree, that what we put our attention upon we become and/or experience. Our Emotions and Our Thoughts…when truly observed and understood will show this to be true! And therefore any one wishing to create ANYTHING in their lives can only benefit from being clear and aligned. I believe this is very important when it comes to consciously co-creating with our beautiful and always responsive Universe!

    Thanks for all you do in helping your people be clear and aligned.(and having humor too!)

  2. Anne Lindyberg 06/21/2012, 12:46 pm Reply

    Great blog, Dr. Matt! I was having some pain and my attempts to process it weren’t as effective as I’d hoped; I was almost to the point of trying to see if you could get me in today or tomorrow. Then I read your blog posts. Very nice lessons… it’s great to refocus my thinking!

    I’ll be looking for your future posts.

    • Dr_MattK 06/21/2012, 3:07 pm Reply

      I’m so glad you like it! I’m in the process of re-strategizing my social media. There will likely be a lot more content coming in the near future.

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