Don’t Cheer Up

Don’t cheer up, that’s right you heard me. Don’t be happy. But wait… this is a blog on health, wellness and personal growth right? So….I don’t get it. Ok everyone, grip your paradigms tightly I want to shake them a little. We have all heard from the great magnates of health and healing that a positive attitude will help you be healthier and that is true! Research shows it and practitioners all over the world have seen people heal with a shift of mood and consciousness. So why not cheer up?

So here’s the big idea.

BE WHERE YOU ARE. Be honest and truthful with yourself and be in the experience you’re having in this moment. The honesty is more important.

If you are happy be happy, if you’re sad, be sad. Your body is designed to experience an emotion and to manifest that experience through the body. When the body is given permission to have the experience of being where it is it results in a release of tension and energy that allows the body to relax which equates to less pain, stiffness and symptoms.

Think of it like working out your emotional muscles. Without having the experience your emotions are urging you to have, you atrophy these emotional muscles and become weak.

What happens so often in our culture is that an emotion comes up in us and we ignore it, dodge it, stifle it or push it way down deep inside where we think it won’t get to us and we’ll be safe because we’ve ignored it. Do this long enough and some people even forget HOW to experience emotion! (Know anyone like that?) But here is the problem, the body is made to experience emotion! Why else would we have these reactions? It helps us to dissipate the tension of an experience that falls outside the range of what we are used to experiencing. By having the experience and knowing that we feel better on the other side we expand what we are able to handle. We stretch, grow and become stronger. When we try to control or bottle these emotions the brain and the body are in conflict and tension is created. These emotions may be stored in the body as pain, tension, stiffness, muscle ache or inflexibility.

Haven’t you ever been really stressed and then they cry and feel so much better? Or known someone who was stressed and go to see a funny movie, they laugh and they relax? This is exactly what I’m talking about, allowing emotion is one way we dissipate tension in the body that can build up and cause problems in the body.

Why the heck is a Chiropractor talking about this? Well, I see people all the time who are in pain and unable or unwilling to experience their emotions. Plus the light touch technique I use, Network Spinal Analysis, unwinds tension from the central nervous system and often gives people enough space to experience their emotions where they didn’t feel comfortable enough doing before. In essence, people reduce enough tension to become aware of their emotions again.
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  1. Maria 11/30/2011, 7:36 pm Reply

    THANK YOU! :) :) :) :) Finally someone who gets its! BIG God wink for you! Feel much better knowing that it is OK to not be cheery and happy every moment of every day. Sometimes we just need to be totally real and that means letting emotions flow but obviously in a positive way that allows for release and relief. We all need a good cry, good laugh, deep sigh, or what ever it is that allows to be real enough to say “it hurts, I am sad, disappointed, stressed, etc.” The awesome thing is that the treatment you provide your patients takes it several steps further and allows us to recognize, deal, release and move on in a more positive direction.

  2. Lis 12/20/2011, 11:28 am Reply

    Thankyou for speaking the Truth.

    • Dr_MattK 01/08/2012, 5:03 pm Reply

      Glad you liked the post Lis, My most recent post “Success is a Habit” is the follow up to this one. Enjoy!

  3. Dr_MattK 01/08/2012, 5:02 pm Reply

    I’m glad to have been of assistance Sabra. What are you using it for? Thanks for reading.

  4. Stephanie 07/17/2012, 9:01 pm Reply

    So true! I totally agree yet it’s so engrained in us to try to cheer someone up rather than support all of our emotions…this awareness and education helps make the shift…thank you!

    • Dr_MattK 08/05/2012, 4:43 pm Reply

      Hi Stephanie, sorry for the delinquent reply. Holding space for someone and allow truth to be experienced sometimes takes a little courage, but is so healing. Thanks for reading!

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