Life Gave Me a Lemon

Did I ever tell you why I changed the name of my practice from Still Point Wellness Center to Unwind Chiropractic? Here’s the story of how I almost got sued and the one question I asked to change my entire experience of the situation.

You know that saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well I’m going to tell you about the time I was being threatened to be sued, and the questions that I asked to make a massive shift and change the whole situation.

So some of you probably recognize that a few months ago I changed my business name from Still Point Chiropractic to Unwind Chiropractic At that time I didn’t talk about it too much but I told people “before too long I’ll tell you what happened” So here we are. I received a letter in the mail from a lawyer that said there was another health care practitioner in the area who had the name “Still Point” So I went through all the proper channels, I went down to the county clerks office I got a DBA, he did the research, he said it was OK To be honest with you my response to the first letter was to ignore it. I didn’t do anything about it, I assumed it was another small claim, he wouldn’t fight it and it would just go away. little did I know, six weeks later I got another letter that said if I didn’t change my name they would take me to court.

So after talking to an Intellectual Property Attorney and another Attorney and looking at how much it would be to change my branding. I stopped and I said “What’s going on here?” For me, I know, one of my highest values is personal growth and one of my core beliefs is that everything that is happening to me is happening for a reason. So I asked the question, “what’s really going on here?” Why is this situation showing up and what can I learn from it? So after I did that, I thought about a name. What does a name mean? What does a business name mean? To me its a sense of identity. It gives you an identity out in the marketplace So I said, am I that attached to my identity, my business identity that I should be getting upset about it? What would happen if I just learned something?

And for me, internally, asking those questions just switched everything around. Instead of having to fight for my name, instead, I just had to ask, what makes the most sense? Do I want to go to court, or do I just want to change my name? My energy about it was totally different. And I decided, the easiest path for me was just to change my name. So what I want you to take away from this is, the question. When you find yourself in a situation that makes you angry, that makes you sad that you feel like you can’t get out of, ask yourself a different question. “What’s really going on here?” “How is this situation serving me?” “How can I use it to serve someone else?” “How can I make the best of whats happening”

Now, asking a more resourceful question is going to instantly change the way your brain is thinking about this. Its going to give you new options. When this happens it changes whats going on in your brain, it changes whats going on in your nervous system and you have access to more resources. I promise you if you try this, you’ll get a new perspective.



  1. Buster Pruett 11/07/2013, 7:38 am Reply

    Whats really going on here is that you continue to amaze me. I love the new brand!

    • Dr_MattK 11/11/2013, 6:20 pm Reply

      Hey thanks man!

  2. Diana Pryntz 11/08/2013, 8:28 am Reply

    It would be helpful to have your video posts subtitled (captioned) so that deaf people can also benefit from the information. Thank you.

    • Dr_MattK 11/11/2013, 6:20 pm Reply

      Hi Diana, Thanks for looking at the video. I’m working on the captions, they should be available this week.

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